19/02/2021 - 02:56
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There was once a blind man who had so fine a sense of touch that, when any animal was put into his hands, he could tell what it was merely by the feel of it. One day the cub of a wolf was put into his hands, and he was asked what it was. He felt it for some time, and then said, "Indeed, I am not sure whether it is a wolf"s cub or a fox"s: but this I know -- it would never do to trust it in a sheepfold."
Evil tendencies are early shown.

/carlosgege em 22/02/2021 às 16:16 disse:
Tudo é importante na vida. Os pequenos atos são preparatórios dos gestos grandiosos e das realizações vultosas. - Pensamento de Joanna de Angelis boa tarde carlos gege



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